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Are you UKVI compliant? - TDS Student

Are you UKVI compliant?

A Tier 4 General sponsor is given Probationary Sponsor status when it is first granted a licence. A Probationary Sponsor must demonstrate that it can fulfil its sponsorship duties, will continue to do so, and can be trusted to hold Tier 4 General Sponsor status. When a Probationary Sponsor applies for and passes its first annual Basic Compliance Assessment, it will be given Tier 4 General Sponsor status.

These duties include:

  1. Non-enrolment or late enrolment

Any instance of late or non-enrolment must be reported to the Home Office. Where students fail to meet final deadline for enrolment their immigration permissions may be reviewed.

  1. Attendance & Participation

Monitoring and reporting on attendance is a critical element of Tier 4 Sponsor status.

  1. Breaks from Study

In the case of a break in study due to illness or other personal circumstances, the sponsor may choose to defer a Tier 4 student’s course, any such decision must be reported to the Home Office who will in turn issue a curtailment letter to the student.

Avoid being non-compliant with TDS student where we can integrate, educate and alleviate any admin burdens.