TDS Discuss the Future of the University Campus on the Education Technology Webinar

Steven Gill, the TDS HE Sector Business Lead has appeared on the latest Education Technology webinar.

In this webinar, the discussion focused on future system deployments to the Higher Education sector, primarily student attendance monitoring solutions. With the current pandemic, learning how to safeguard students and staff, optimise space and use data insights to control budges is a necessity for all institutions to protect their staff, students and personnel.

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In this webinar, Steven Gill also discusses the future of the university campus, and how TDS Student’s innovative technology can help make the most of available facilities, keep your people safe and secure, and keep costs down.

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In 2021 and beyond, institutions must re-think how campus spaces are utilised, how they can be secured and how safety can be maintained and how all this can be achieved.

Watch the Education Technology webinar here!